My name is Dakia O’Brien, I have over 10 years’ experience in the culinary industry. As a 2010 graduate of Johnson & Wales University, award winning chef and restaurant owner, I am equipped to share my knowledge with our babies. 

 Also, on the team is my 8 year old daughter Rhielle, and she is indeed a Picky Little Eater. She eats things like avocado sandwiches, peanut butter unaccompanied, and she totally despises Brussel sprouts. I am constantly trying new ways to get her to try different things. i am grateful she has chosen to come on this journey with me to help develop her pallet.

I know I’m am not the only parent who suffers with this problem! Parents are constantly looking for solutions to get their kids to make better choices with food, so there in The Picky Little Eaters Club was born.

The Picky Little Eaters Club is for kids of all ages who love food, we even have something for the parents too!

Our mission is to develop the mindset about healthy eating in both children and parents through teaching life skills, education and fun.

Picky eating is not an official diagnosis but rather a common umbrella term to describe a variety of eating issues. It’s not impossible to conquer, you just need a little guidance, and we are here for you!??