A Cooking Club For Kids

What We Do...


Delivered, monthly to your doorstep, your box will include:

  • 3 recipes w/ Ingredient list
  • 1 lesson
  • 1 Activity
  • Cool Tool of the month w/ history and uses sheet
  • Badge of completion

Keeping Covid in mind, we will create Meet & Greets and activities curated around our monthly theme that follow social distancing and health guidelines.


A private community for PLEC members.

Here parents can share photos. tips, recipes or even get advice from other parents.

classes/ Lessons

All classes and lessons will be uploaded virtually so that kids can work at their own pace and on their own schedule. Members will receive the following monthly:

  • 1 Cooking class
  • 1 Baking class
  • 1 Nutrition class
  • 1 Lesson

The Benefits...

Motor Skills

Motor skills will improve through the use of different kitchen tools and techniques using the hands


Kids are more inclined to eat meals they helped to make. Involving them in the process creates independence and helps with confidence.

Core Subjects

Cooking reinforces core subjects such as Comprehension, math, and science just to name a few.

Life Skills

Discovering new cooking techniques and ingredients will help children to become more self sufficient. These skills are transferrable for every day use.


$ 150
  • PLEC Apron
  • Monthly subscription box
  • Monthly outings


$ 425
  • PLEC Apron
  • Monthly Subscription box
  • Monthly Outings
  • Opportunity to be Chef's assistant
  • Access to private parents community

SemiAnnually 🐻

$ 850
  • PLEC Apron & Notebok
  • Monthly Subscription box
  • Monthly Outings
  • Opportunity to be Chef's Assistant
  • Access to private parents community
  • Priority & Discounts for external classes
  • Discounts from community stake holders